Nithya Menen Opens Up About Body Shaming And Why It’s Not Okay

Nithya Menen Opens Up About Body Shaming And Why It’s Not Okay

Jahnavi Patel

Body shaming is not okay, period. But many people fail to understand that. Without knowing the story of the person, they think it’s okay to comment on someone’s appearance. Since the celebrities are in the limelight, they often are targeted on social media, sometimes for being too skinny or being overweight. Nithya Menen recently opened up on body shaming and why it’s upsetting for her.

During an interaction with the media, when asked her how she deals with trolls, she said that it definitely hurts her.

Nithya shared:

I think people are ignorant because they assume automatically that if you have weight issues, it’s because you are lazy and eat a lot. One faces weight issues very rarely because of being lazy and eating. Trust me, especially in the case of actors, we are not lazy. The way we work, the way we stand for almost eight hours without even realising it… it’s not easy.

She further added that sometimes, it may also be a health-related thing and people need to be educated about it.

She said:

Maybe, these people are dealing with stuff that is painful. At times, weight-related issues are hormonal and that can create a lot of pain and difficulty. When you add trolls to that, they have to deal with so much more. We need to educate people that weight is not just because we are sitting and enjoying our lives. Of course, trolling hurts me. I do get upset.

Nithya made her Bollywood debut with Mission Mangal which released on 15th August 2019. The film also starred Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Sharma Joshi among others.