Calling all Swifties–if you grew up idolising everyone’s favourite Miss Americana, Taylor Swift, then you’re in for a treat. A week after releasing her title track, Lover, Swift’s album of the same name came out this morning at 9:30 am (IST). The songs in the album practically confirm her relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn (in particular, London Boy), and we’re all for it! Tay-Tay is known for writing songs that are emotional and just downright relatable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that her seventh studio album encompasses songs about friendship, finding love, pride, betrayal and some sassiness. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for new Instagram captions, look no further. I have listened to this album on repeat since it came out, and here are the most relatable captions for your next Instagram photo:

For You And Your Lover:

  1. Bad, bad boy shiny toy with a price – Cruel Summer
  2. It’s a cruel summer with you – Cruel Summer
  3. And there’s a dazzling haze and a mysterious way about you, dear – Lover
  4. Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close? – Lover
  5. Darling, you’re my, my, my, my, lover – Lover
  6. I’ve loved you three summers now honey, but I want ‘em all – Lover
  7. All’s well that ends well to end up with you – Lover
  8. He got my heartbeat skipping down Sixteenth Avenue – I Think He Knows
  9. Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh – I Think He Knows
  10. It’s you and me, that’s my whole world – Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
  11. I like shiny things but I’d marry you with paper rings – Paper Rings
  12. I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this – Paper Rings
  13. You’re the one I want in paper rings, in picture frames, in dirty dreams – Paper Rings
  14. They say home is where the heart is, but that’s not where mine lives – London Boy
  15. Darling, I fancy you – London Boy
  16. I know Heaven is a thing, I go there when you touch me, honey – False God
  17. Meet me in the afterglow – Afterglow
  18. And I promise that nobody’s gonna love you like me – ME!
  19. I don’t want to look at anything else now that I saw you – Daylight

For When You’re Heartbroken:

  1. How many days did I spend thinking ‘bout how you did me wrong? – I Forgot That You Existed
  2. And I would’ve stuck around for ya, would’ve fought the whole town, so yeah – I Forgot That You Existed
  3. Sent me a clear message, taught me some hard lessons – I Forgot That You Existed
  4. I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you – Cruel Summer
  5. I’ve got a hundred thrown out speeches I almost said to you – The Archer
  6. Who could ever leave me, darling? But who could stay? – The Archer
  7. All the king’s horses, all the king’s men couldn’t put me together again – The Archer
  8. We were a fresh page on the desk, filling in the blanks as we go – Cornelia Street
  9. I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends – Cornelia Street
  10. That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend – Cornelia Street
  11. Saying goodbye is death by a thousand cuts – Death By A Thousand Cuts
  12. And what once was ours, is no one’s now – Death By A Thousand Cuts
  13. But if the story’s over, why am I still writing pages? – Death By A Thousand Cuts
  14. Paper cut stings from a paper-thin plan – Death By A Thousand Cuts
  15. Desperate people find faith, so now I pray to Jesus too – Soon You’ll Get Better
  16. What am I supposed to do? If there’s no you – Soon You’ll Get Better
  17. Still worship this love, even if it’s a false god – False God
  18. Chemistry till it blows up, till there’s no us – Afterglow
  19. Why’d I have to break what I love so much? – Afterglow
  20. Tell me that you’re still mine, tell me that we’ll be just fine – Afterglow
  21. And I can still see it all in my mind, all of you, all of me, intertwined – Daylight

For That Fire Selfie:

  1. Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes – Cruel Summer
  2. I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard? – Cruel Summer
  3. No rules in breakable heaven – Cruel Summer
  4. What doesn’t kill me makes me wants you more – Cruel Summer
  5. When everyone believes ya, what’s that like? – The Man
  6. Let the players play – The Man
  7. Easy they come, easy they go – The Archer
  8. Stick with me, I’m your queen – London Boy
  9. I still do it for you, babe – False God
  10. And trouble’s gonna follow where I go – ME!
  11. I’m the only one of me, baby that’s the fun of me – ME!
  12. Living in winter, I am your summer – ME!
  13. I’ll tell you the truth, but never goodbye – Daylight
  14. You are what you love – Daylight

For Your BFF Squad:

  1. Have I known you twenty seconds or twenty years? – Lover
  2. At every table, I’ll save you a seat – Lover
  3. You are somebody that we don’t know, but you’re coming at my friends like a missile – You Need To Calm Down
  4. It’s nice to have a friend – It’s Nice To Have A Friend

For When You Feel Like Throwing Shade:

  1. I forgot that you existed, and I thought it’d kill me but it didn’t – I Forgot That You Existed
  2. It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, its just indifference – I Forgot That You Existed
  3. But you showed who you are, then one magical night – I Forgot That You Existed
  4. And if I bleed, you’ll be the last to know – Cruel Summer
  5. I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard? – Cruel Summer
  6. Every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you – The Man
  7. They paint me out to be bad, so it’s okay that I’m mad – The Man
  8. I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey – The Archer
  9. ‘Cause all of my enemies started out friends – The Archer
  10. Uh, I mean, I want to see what’s under that attitude – I Think He Knows
  11. I won’t stick around ‘cause good ones never wait – I Think He Knows
  12. Gave up on me like I was a bad drug – Death By A Thousand Cuts
  13. I know delusion when I see it in the mirror – Soon You’ll Get Better
  14. And I’m just like, “Hey are you okay?” – You Need To Calm Down
  15. And snakes and stones never broke my bones, so – You Need To Calm Down
  16. ‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay, so – You Need To Calm Down
  17. I promise that you’ll never find another like me – ME!
  18. I wounded the good and trusted the wicked – Daylight

Which of Taylor Swift’s newest lyrics is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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