3 Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Fit, As Told By A Certified Fitness Expert

3 Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Fit, As Told By A Certified Fitness Expert

Dhruvi Modi
Sucheta Pal and Pallavi Manoj
Sucheta Pal and Pallavi Manoj

Ever wondered how despite going to the gym and working out 5 days a week, you still haven’t lost that belly fat? Or are you trying to gain weight and nothing seems to work? Hold up, because we just might have these answers for you! On Malini’s Girl Tribe, we talk about errrything you could possibly think about, and fitness is a big topic of discussion. When it comes to your body, taking care of it whilst you’re young is essential in order to prevent any mishaps when you’re older. This doesn’t only encompass the fitness aspect, but also your sleeping habits, nutrition intake and how you generally lead your life.

So, naturally, during our weekly #GirlTribeLive, we decided to invite certified Zumba Ambassador and instructor Sucheta Pal to give us a lowdown of ‘all things fitness’ along with our very own Bollywood blogger and Hook-Step Host, Pallavi Manoj. What’s more, she also spoke about being fit during your pregnancy.

Towards the end of the live, Sucheta dropped some staple Zumba moves and told us a little bit about each of them as well!

We also asked Sucheta to share the secret to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Here are her top 3 tips:

  1. Walk: One of the biggest killers is sitting. The root of all illnesses, lack of movement can negatively impact your health. So, Pal advises us to get into the habit of walking every day. Even if it means to climb stairs, getting up from your cubicle once in a while, go for it!
  2. Be with like-minded people: Make sure your circle of friends are supportive of your dietary and lifestyle choices. Peer pressure is real, you guys! So make sure you have friends who are rooting for you and inspire you every day.
  3. Eat smart: Nutrition is extremely important, especially when it comes to pregnant women. 80% of your body is made in the kitchen, hence what you eat is ultimately what you are! Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself by going to a nutritionist or dietician for help.

A lot of the Girl Tribe members sent in their questions during the live and Sucheta spared no detail while explaining why Zumba has been her holy grail when it comes to staying fit! She also speaks about the key benefits of sleeping and maintaining a healthy diet in order to stay fit. A key tip for everyone looking to make a positive change in their lives is to: WALK. I know right? I was equally surprised!

You can catch the LIVE here on Malini’s Girl Tribe and hear Sucheta give us her expert tips as well!

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