An Instagram Handle Gives Apt Bollywood Background Score To Hollywood Music Videos

Pallavi Manoj , 29 Aug 2019
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez in a still from her music video Ain't Your Mama and Qualitea Posts's bio (Source: Instagram | @qualiteaposts)
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez in a still from her music video Ain’t Your Mama and Qualitea Posts’ bio (Source: Instagram | @qualiteaposts)

It’s one of those days when I’m tired of life and scrolling through my explore page on Instagram when I come across a post that makes me genuinely LOL. Of course, the next natural course action was for me to share it with all my friends and get appropriate GIFs in return. Meanwhile, like any other child of the internet, I went back to the post and scrolled through the entire profile that made the funny post. What I found was a treasure trove of content that was too precious to not be shared with the world. The Instagram handle that calls itself  @qualiteaposts is clearly a HUGE Bollywood and Hollywood pop culture lover. Even the handle’s bio is worth a chuckle. It says, “Twerking the shit out of patriarchy.” The posts make your jaws drop at how accurate AF it is and then make you laugh. Most of the posts are Hollywood music videos or movie scenes with appropriate Bollywood background music. Trust me when I say, it is EPIC.

Check it out:

If Jennifer Lopez is not doing the Dhoom title track for the fourth installment of the movie, I’m not watching.

Please tell me why nobody has ever thought of twerking to Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, yet?

Shreya Ghoshal definitely needs to be a Disney Princess. She has the voice of an angel.

We’ve already got the remix of our dreams with Selena Gomez‘s version of Babu Ji Zara Dheere Chalo.

Nick Jonas aka Jiju is killing it with Salman Khan‘s Tan Tana Tan

Nora, I love you. But, Beyonce‘s version of Saki Saki is blowing my mind.

If anyone could do it as well as Bebo (a.k.a Kareena Kapoor Khan), it’s probably Selena in this video

Nora, once again. Sorry, but I pick Shakira doing Kamariya.

Selena’s version of Psycho Saiyyan is FIRE!

OMG! Pooh from Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham would totally be a Regina Geoge from Mean Girls. Don’t you think?

I mean if you thought Bollywood was dramatic… you were right. But it’s the music that amps up the drama. Also, it’s nothing compared to Disney.

A live concert from Beyonce Ghoshal and Ed Nigam is what we all would love

Who better than our Dhak Dhak Girl to break down Miley Cyrus’ Hoedown Throwdown

You’re welcome.

I hope I have served you enough entertainment to enjoy your Thursday night. Do give this super hilarious handle a follow for a daily dose of LMAOs.

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