No matter how much we prep ourselves for an interview, there could be one question that could totally leave us baffled! And at such times, how we wish the earth just swallowed us or we could just disappear magically. But don’t worry. For every problem, there’s a solution. Here are 4 ways you can deal with tricky questions smoothly during an interview.

1. Ask More Questions

There’s a possibility you might not have understood the questions well. There’s nothing wrong in asking your interviewer to clarify a bit further on what they meant. This way, once you get some more deets about the question, it could help you figure out the answer better.

2. Start By Telling How Much You Know About The Question

If you think you have partial knowledge of the tricky question asked, start by telling your interviewer about it. You’ll realise that a lot of times when you say something out loud, your mind helps you figure out the problem quicker.

3. Don’t Say You Don’t Know The Answer Immediately

Tricky questions can make you nervous and ignite the urge to confess you don’t know the answer to them. But hold on before you do so. Take a deep breath and give yourself some time to mull it over. But be mindful that you simply don’t make stuff up because there’s a good chance your interviewer can make it out.

4. Shoot A Follow-Up Mail Across

If you think you have zero clues about the question asked and end up saying you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry. Just add to it by saying ‘let me get back to you with an appropriate answer for that. So, they know you’re taking their questions seriously.

Then once you’re back from the interview, send across a follow-up mail as your second chance. In it, try talking about the question you weren’t able to answer but in a smooth way. And while you’re at it, talk only about those mistakes that caught the attention of the interviewer.

Also, while framing this, don’t start by apologising for not knowing the answer to it. Just say that after some more thinking, you managed to come up with so and so answers for the question.

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