[TEST]- 6 Reasons Why Vh1 Supersonic Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway This Spring

Sukriti Gumber , 31 Aug 2019

‘Tis the season for music festivals, and I’m not complaining! Vh1 Supersonic, the country’s biggest multi-genre experiential festival, is coming to Pune this year and we couldn’t be more excited. What’s more, it’s a 3-day music festival that has a lineup we can only dream about. In just less than a month (7th, 8th and 9th of February to be precise), we will be dancing along to the tunes of world-famous artists, and that’s not something we get to experience just every day, noh? Moreover, for the first time ever, the music festival will host camping for those guests eager to not miss a second of the festival! Now, that’s something new and exciting. If, like me, you’re looking for a weekend getaway to party, have fun and chill, then look no more! Here are 6 reasons why Vh1 Supersonic is the perfect getaway for you and your squad:

1. Camping

For the first time ever, Vh1 Supersonic is hosting a campsite with a capacity to house around 200 people in tents of 2 people or 4. The camping facet of this festival is one that excites me the most! I mean, you get to party all day with international artists, and in the evening, you get to chill with your squad over a few beers at a bonfire at the campsite. (Is this straight out of a movie or what?) What I’m looking forward to the most are the multiple community workshops (hosted before festival hours) such as yoga lessons, glass art and more. Who said you can’t learn a new thing or two at music festivals? These workshops are perfect to channel your inner zen! This spring tick off camping with your friends of your bucket list!

2. Superflea And Food Market

The Superflea
The Superflea

A shopper’s paradise, the Superflea has a food market, shops and fun festival merchandise. Imagine a picturesque boho and chic chilling area—I’m sold! The Flea Market is an excellent place to pick up some last-minute accessories. From food, fashionable accessories to merchandise, this really is a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

3. Beer Garden

The Beer Garden
The Beer Garden

But will there be alcohol? My answer for that is: yes, yes and yes! The beer garden has wooden benches, tons of beer (duh!) and vertical gardens that will set the mood for your drinking and enjoying yourself with your crew. This would be the perfect hangout spot between performances to grab a beer or two and also to take some cool pictures for the ‘gram (obviously!).

4. Experience Zone

After Hours Experience Zone
After Hours Experience Zone

As if the abovementioned activities weren’t enough, we have more! There will be an experience zone for all those who wish to play games and indulge in engaging activities. That means the fun literally never stops! I can just picture my squad and I heading here for a game night one of the days.

5. De-stress At VH1 Supersonic

Picture a cosy nook where you can breathe, relax and take a quick refresher before the next act. Your feet got you miserable after too much dancing? Don’t worry, they’ve got you! With massages, community colouring and de-popping bubble wrap (yes, I know!), this zone is a haven for those of you who need a break every now and then.

6. Women of Supersonic

As a woman, I have always prioritised my safety over anything. Luckily, the festival has made extra special arrangements for #SuperWomen like us! An only woman bar fully equipped with a beauty booth will help us ward away any of the unwanted attention we sometimes tend to receive. Furthermore, a Special Women Safety Squad will be patrolling the festival grounds, and this is not something we get to experience at most of the festivals in India. For all of us ladies who will be entertaining Aunt Flo, don’t worry, there are clean washrooms available as well! So there’s literally nothing we have to be worried about, all is taken care for us.

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