In a world of camera phones and growing paparazzi culture, everyone is finding it difficult to maintain their privacy. So you can imagine what celebrities go through. They’re clicked everywhere they go – the airport, the gym, for dinner. Social media is not just interested in celebs anymore but their kids are also becoming a hot topic of discussion. We’re guilty as charged for this too. And when star kid less than 5 to 6 years old. The interest peaks, so that we can all aww at their cuteness together. Most celebs are used to it by now and don’t really mind. But when the kids are involved it gets a bit tricky.

Recently, Rannvijay Singha opened up about what he thought of his daughter Kainaat Singha getting constantly papped. The reality TV king doesn’t really mind the paparazzi.

Talking about his daughter getting photographed he said:

Getting papped is not a problem for me at all. She gets clicked and her photos get liked online and get picked by editorials, which I think is fine. She has everything she wants, we are trying our best to give her a healthy life.

He also revealed what he won’t be okay with when it comes to his daughter.

There are other real problems in life that need our attention than cameras following us. If it was like while getting clicked, she is manhandled, then there is a problem.

He also added that the reason celebrities are followed is because they are so loved and that’s something to be grateful for.

Well… Rannvijay does have a point!