Justin Bieber rose to fame as a young, 13-year-old teenager with his hit song, ‘Baby‘ and there was no turning back for this singer post that. But, with all that fame and success comes a lot of responsibility and pressure. And, Justin was one such celebrity who agrees to have succumbed to it. In a very personal and heartfelt note on Instagram, Justin opened up about being in a dark phase of dread and disappointment in his younger days and encouraged his followers to be kind and spread love.

Talking about it, Justin mentions that by the time he was 18, he had a lot of wealth and access to whatever he wanted, but had no skills for the real world. Speaking about his childhood and all the pressure he was going through post his success, Justin says that his marriage to Hailey Baldwin is the “best season” of his life right now.

Here is his post:

It’s such a great thing to see a huge star like Justin come out and talk about such a personal and intimate part of his life and let others know of his vulnerabilities. The singer got married to model Hailey Baldwin last year in November and have been starry-eyed for each other since.

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