3 Easy Ways You Can Revive Leftover Rice Like A Pro

3 Easy Ways You Can Revive Leftover Rice Like A Pro

Suruchi Patwary

Hate throwing away leftover food? I feel ya, buddy! Storing excess food in the fridge isn’t the problem. The problem for me is to heat it up again in a way that it tastes just as good. And one of the most common foods I always end up with a surplus of after dinner is rice. But I never understood the right way of reviving it the next day. Hence, I dug a little deeper and came across these 3 easy-peasy ways to revive leftover rice which will leave you looking like a pro!

1. Steam It

When you’re in a hurry, this one will come to your rescue. Take a saucepan, throw in the rice with some tablespoons of butter and a little bit of water. Proceed to cover the saucepan and let the rice steam on low flame. To make sure the rice is heated evenly and thoroughly, stir it occasionally.

2. Stir-fry It

If you’re all about that stir-fry life, then this one will make you very happy. All you need is a wok or saute pan and some oil. Add some veggies to the rice to make a bowl of fried rice for yourself in this. However, the key is to use a wooden spoon while breaking the rice lumps. This helps the oil coat evenly on the rice granules, making your fried rice look and taste like a work of art.

3. Microwave It

The right way to reheat leftover rice in the microwave is to add a few tablespoons of water for every cup of rice. To make it even better, wrap the rice bowl with a plastic wrap (or you could even use another bowl) while reheating it. This will create a steaming effect and make your rice taste even better.

I think I might cook some extra rice tonight just so I can try out one of these easy hacks. If you also know of any such hacks then feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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