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Unwinding on the weekend after a long work week feels great, right? You’re home in your comfy clothes, sipping on a glass of wine, watching your favourite show. But what if the bottle of wine you’ve been waiting to open the entire week looks a bit unusual? Does it mean that it’s gone bad or is it safe enough to consume? It’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we have listed down the 6 signs that will tell you your bottle of wine has gone bad.

1. The Cork Looks Slightly More Pushed Out

Sometimes wine in the bottle gets overheated. This causes it to expand inside the bottle, therefore pushing the cork out slightly more than usual. Get rid of it because it is not consumable anymore.

2. It’s Fizzy Even Though It’s Not Sparkling Wine

We know that wine is fermented. But when wine goes through a second fermentation after it is bottled, it turns fizzy. Do not go ahead and drink it because YOLO, it’s not good for consumption anymore.

3. The Wine Tastes Sweet

If its a red wine bottle but smells like port wine or tastes like some kind of dessert wine even if it’s not any of those, its a bad sign. When wine bottles are overexposed to heat, this is what happens. Don’t ignore this and continue drinking because it is a clear sign your wine has turned.

4. You Taste Chemical Flavours

You must have noticed that every wine has a bit of fruity flavour to it. So if your wine doesn’t taste like that or tastes more like a paint-thinner or astringent then its bad news for you.

5. It Smells Funny

If you’re a regular wine drinker, you know how good wine smells like. But if the aroma of the wine smells like a wet piece of cardboard, moldy or rusty basement or like vinegar then it’s time you get rid of that bottle. Even if it’s a heavy raisin smell, know that your wine has gone bad.

6. The Wine Turned Brown

A bottle of red wine should look like red wine, if it has turned brown then its clearly gone bad. When it comes to white wines, the colour changes to yellow when it gets oxidised.

The next time your wine bottle gives you any of these signs, you know what you gotta do!

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