Butterfly Nails Are Trending On Instagram And They're Super Cute

Eesha Kokane , 06 Sep 2019

The latest fashion and beauty trends are all ’90s-centric and Millenials like me, could not be any gladder. Chunky blonde highlights, brown lipstick and body glitter are just a few of the ’90s beauty trends that are making a strong comeback now. However, a few days ago, when Kylie Jenner showed us her latest manicure, another popular ’90s trend was resurrected—Butterfly nails. 2019 has been full of surprises when it comes to nail trends. From tortoiseshell to rainbow nails, it’s been one wild ride!

Gone are the days of boring old french tips and solid coloured manicures. Mismatched nails and intricate nail art is what’s hot right now. Ever since Kylie revealed her latest mani that was adorned with butterflies and rhinestones, all that appears on my home page is pictures of butterfly nail art! So, if you want to partake in this trend, then here’s some butterfly nail art inspiration for you to get inspired:

1. Colours Of The Rainbow

2. Emoji Inspo

3. Secret Garden

4. Paired With Pastels

5. Butterfly Effect

6. French Tips + Butterflies

8. Shimmer And Shine

Which one butterfly nail art look is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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