True Love

What is the recipe for true love to last? Is there one, even? Honestly, one look at your grandparents is enough to remind you that, despite what your cynical mind might believe, sometimes true love does exist. When it comes to relationships, it’s always tricky to find the right balance with your partner. It can be risky to be too trusting too soon, but you don’t want to come off as aloof either. Yet, despite whatever you do, sometimes things just don’t go the way you want, and you end up breaking up. When that happens, it’s a good idea to look back on your relationship and evaluate it from an objective point of view. Was your time together actually toxic? Did she/he hurt you more than love you? It all boils down to the ultimate most important question: How can we make a relationship last?

Such questions have plagued my mind too, and hence I took to Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook, to ask real women their thoughts on making a relationship healthy and long-lasting. Here’s their perspective!

1. Acceptance Is Key

In line with acceptance comes accepting yourself where you are at. From that place it becomes easier to accept another person where they are as well.

2. Set Your Ego Aside

Be there, don’t judge, be yourself and accept others with all their flaws. If one can keep his/her ego aside while dealing with arguments, it will work wonders.

3. Be Empathetic

An understanding partner is important. Because, there will be conflicts for sure, but when your partner loves and understands you, he will always hold on.

4. Some Patience Goes A Long Way

Patience is just a by-product of your love for your partner. Remember that you are in the same team, and not on opposite teams.

5. Compromising Is Healthy

Balance and patience are important. If you disagree, meet in the middle. And always talk about everything. A partnership of equals consists of equal adjustments and disagreeing gracefully.

6. Friendship Is A Great Foundation

While obviously not every relationship starts off as friendship, those that do, have a solid base on which they can build on. Be each other’s best friend first. Share your thoughts and just be there even though disagreements happen every now and then. Just have fun along the way.

7. Be As Transparent As You Can

Transparency is key, to be honest. No use keeping secrets when all that would do is hurt the other one. Make sure yours and your partner’s intentions are alike and that you both have long term goals that align. Don’t go hiding any exes and skeletons in your closet. You’ll only end up hurting the other person.

8. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Your relationship is healthy if you are able to share everything with your partner, no questions asked. And it should be the same for them as well. Share everything even if some of it may be weird or embarassing but it is so worth it.

9. Trust Is The Most Important Factor

No relationship can survive if there’s no mutual trust between you and your partner. Build trust, and make sure you leave your past in the past. That’s key in relationships!

So, do you have any tips on making relationships last as well? Let me know in the comments below!

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