There’s really no one who can make super-hero movies like Marvel does (Sorry not sorry, DC). The fan base for anything that comes out of Marvel is immense. Two of its most successful franchises have been the Avengers and X-Men. While we’ve seen a crossover between the earth’s mightiest heroes and the mutants in comics, we’ve never heard of Marvel aiming high enough to bring the same onto the big screen. I mean, can you imagine, the magnanimity of such a film? It’s got to be bigger than Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game! With where half of the OG Avengers dead, we wonder how this will play out now. Recently, a tweet revealed a deleted post-credits scene from Iron Man that shows Nick Fury referring to mutants and radioactive spiders. This has caused MCU fans all over to speculate that Marvel may have had a plan to have a crossover movie then.

Check it out:

OMG! How cool is this? This might be from the MCU archives, but does this mean that we can hope to see the mutant and superhero worlds collide? We sure hope so. If this does turn into reality, we guess there will be a new Avengers in place. There has been no talk or official confirmation about the same. But a fan can dream, amirite?!