Lilly Singh's Best Friend Reveals That Other Late Night Shows Are Trying To Sabotage Her New Talk Show

Pallavi Manoj , 17 Sep 2019

A girl who started as snapback wearing brown girl on YouTube who did relatable comedy sketches is now a late-night talk show host on NBC. It’s not every day you get to meet a Lilly Singh or rather the Lilly Singh. Having started doing YouTube videos to get herself out of depression, I wonder if Lilly ever thought she would be the first bisexual woman of colour to break the glass ceiling of late-night talk shows. But just like her YouTube journey, her journey to build a new show hasn’t been easy. Her best friend and internet’s favourite motivational Youtuber/tweeter/writer Humble The Poet posted an Instagram post with Lilly revealing just how much hard work and focus Lilly needed to rise up to where she is today. He also shockingly disclosed how other late-night shows have been trying to sabotage Lilly’s new talk show A Little Late With Lilly by telling celebrities that they wouldn’t be invited to their show. Humble also said that when Lilly was trying to make it in the YouTube space the same thing had happened but now it was on a much bigger scale. Humble was open about the sexism and double standards in the industry. With this, Humble with his super honest and sweet post for his best friend urged his followers to watch her late-night talk show saying that the show wasn’t about Lilly but about representation.

Check out the post:

We are shocked to find out that other talk shows would even try and do this. But one thing’s for sure, we’re right behind Lilly whatever she does. The late-night space definitely needs more women and more representation in general. A Little Late With Lilly premiered yesterday with Mindy Kaling as the first guest and was also live-streamed on YouTube. I happened to catch snippets of it on YouTube and it’s EPIC, to say the least!

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