Our all-time favourite singer, Ananya Birla just dropped her new single Day Goes By, and we cannot keep calm. She released her much-awaited song featuring multi-platinum selling Jamaican/American artist Sean Kingston today, along with a music video. The hit single is a standalone release and Ananya’s sixth single.

According to sources, Kingston and Birla met while he was on tour in India, and hit it off really well. Upon his suggestion to collaborate and write a song, they recorded Day Goes By and shot the music video within the next few months.

Ananya tweeted out the release of the song:

There was an outpour of reactions to her song’s release, as fans tweeted out their views:

Mike Ho directed the music video and shot it in Los Angeles, with Kingston, Birla and a couple of back up dancers jamming along to the beats.

You can watch the music video here:

Ananya will be kicking off her five cities India Tour on October 9th in Pune. So, if like me, you’re pumped to see her live, you can buy the tickets here.

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