Sonam Kapoor‘s The Zoya Factor, based on Anuja Chauhan‘s novel by the same name, hits the theatres today. I am very excited about the film because first and foremost, I enjoyed reading the book when I was in school. Secondly, Dulquer Salman and his six-pack abs are both drool worthy. And last but not the least, I love to see Sonam in chick flicks.

The film aroused a lot of curiosity ever since the trailer released and the promotional campaign further contributed to it. Sonam’s Zoya Vlogs, which were an insight of sorts into her daily life and the days building upto the film’s release had me hooked. Apart from that, I found it really interesting that the actress chose to wear only red outfits while promoting the film, as it’s her character Zoya’s lucky colour.

For anyone else who might have attempted this experiment, it could have resulted in either monotony or a faux pas or simply failure to impress the fashion police. But not when it has been executed by the powerful duo of Sonam and Rhea Kapoor.

In an interview with SpotboyE, the actress revealed that it was one of her many funny ideas to wear red throughout the film promotions. However, it was a cause of stress for Rhea initially.

I told Rhea that I wanted to do all red for the promotions because it’s like another conversation starter. She was stressed out about it but then as soon as she got into it, she’s like it makes me more creative.

Sonam further said that Rhea pushes her with every look, trying to make it more different and cooler than the previous one. Dishing out such terrific outfits one after the other with red as the theme colour is a mean feat which only the Kapoor sisters could have pulled off so remarkably!

Sonam’s ability to carry off the most exclusive clothing pieces, along with Rhea’s creative ideas have been a game changer for the fashion terms in Bollywood; and we can’t get enough of their style.