Kit Harrington Reveals That He Hasn’t Watched Game Of Thrones Season 8

Kit Harrington Reveals That He Hasn’t Watched Game Of Thrones Season 8

Shubanka Sridhar

The final season of Game Of Thrones was hugely anticipated by fans all over the world, and when it finally did come out, it was received by both disappointment and surprise. People couldn’t come to terms with the ending and even issued a petition against the makers to reshoot the ending. But, given the popularity and general fan following for the show, they won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Kit Harrington a.k.a Jon Snow from the show was also present at the awards and while there, he was asked about the entire controversy surrounding the final season. He confessed to not having watched the eight season of the show yet, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

He shared:

Controversy. I still haven’t seen the show, so that’s how I dealt with that controversy. I haven’t seen the final season, but I know what it took to shoot it and it was hard, and everyone put their love and effort into it. Controversy for us — we knew what we were doing was right story-wise and we knew that it was right for the characters because we lived with them for ten years. Controversy for us — didn’t really effect us.

Wow, now this is news, ain’t it? Right after the final episode of the show aired, there were videos of Kit reacting to his character – Jon Snow – killing Emilia Clarke‘s character – Daenerys. He could not believe it, and apparently even went to rehab to get over the fact that the show was over.