Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap are one of the cutest couples in B-Town today, and we have seen them go through tough times together, having each other’s backs throughout. Having been together for so many years now, and being parents to two children, theirs is one good ‘ol romance. But every couple, however perfect they may seem do go through tough times in their relationship and Ayushmann and Tahira are no exception to that.

Recently, in an interview with Mid-Day, Tahira opened up about the tough times she dealt with a few years ago. She spoke about her mental health and crying at night while her husband was away shooting. Having to deal with that, and be a different person in front of her children was also something she had to tackle.

Here’s what she shared:

I never treated my body, mind and soul as one entity. I always thought physical health was important, and mental toh kuch hota hi nahin hai. So, I exercised a lot. But I think [the cancer] was a manifestation of the negativity that I had been harbouring. Had I gone to a doctor, I would have been declared clinically depressed. But I chose to cry every night instead of visiting one. I was living a dual life. My husband was shooting; I would spend hours at night crying, and put up the front of a happy person in the morning so that I didn’t look like a loser before my children, who were aged two and four then.

Post her battle with early-stage breast cancer last year, the writer-filmmaker has been a beacon of hope and inspiration to so many women out there who are fighting the disease. Well, now we know that it isn’t just the physical aspect she had to deal with but the emotional and mental aspects too. Tahira mentions that practising Buddhist chanting helped in dealing with her situation then.

She said:

It was only after I practised Buddhist chanting, and focused on my mental health that things changed. In a way, I’m glad that [I was diagnosed with cancer] at a time when I was strong enough to deal with it.

We are glad she is on her road to recovery, and that she chose to speak about something so private and reassure us about sticking by the ones we love and giving our own mental health the importance it deserves.