We’ve all changed so much since our school days, haven’t we? Back in time, many of us were low on confidence, reserved, but not any more. And guess else was exactly like this? Sushmita Sen! The actress walked down the memory lane and shared a throwback photo from her school days.

She took to Instagram and also spoke about the turning point in her life. Describing herself as ‘not so confident, introvert and naive’, she wrote, “Standing in this lineup, the 17 yr old me had no idea that, just in a matter of another year, my life would change forever, as would my choices & thereby my personality.”

The snap happens to be from just a year before she was crowned Miss Universe. Sharing the story of her transformation, she said, “This I call a #turningpoint one that awaits us all at different times & in unique ways. Never doubt its existence, keep putting one step in front of the other…ARRIVE YOU WILL!!!” She also thanked her teachers and her batchmates for being an integral part of her journey.

Check her post below:

Sushmita always has such inspiring things and we love reading all her posts. Keep them coming, Sushmita because there’s so much we’re learning from it.