13 Highlights From MissMalini’s Latest Interview With Kalki Koechlin

13 Highlights From MissMalini’s Latest Interview With Kalki Koechlin

Shubanka Sridhar
Malini Agarwal and Kalki Koechlin
Malini Agarwal and Kalki Koechlin

Malini’s Girl Tribe is a space for us women to have conversations about things that we experience on a daily basis but isn’t spoken about very often. Be it about motherhood, relationships, marriage, to finding a house, we talk about anything in here. One of the main highlights of this community is that our BossLady – Malini Agarwal – speaks with accomplished women from different fields about the things they strongly believe in. This time around, she sat down to chat with one of our favourite actresses in the industry, Kalki Koechlin. This was a special one as lovely Kalki had some super exciting news to share with us! She announced her pregnancy and spoke about motherhood and parenting, making it one lovely conversation.

Here are 13 highlights from their conversation that we loved:

1. When Kalki says that the first thing she did once she found out about her pregnancy was to buy another pregnancy test! The actress revealed that she and her boyfriend Guy Hershberg are 5 months pregnant.


2. On facing judgements from people about not being married and ‘settled’ before having a kid, she said: “I once wrote an article about not wanting kids while I was married. I have always been an unconventional person when it comes to such things.

3. When she said that the contract of marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship and that growing your child in a healthy environment and community is more important. Saying it like it is!

4. When Kalki had one important question for everyone, that needs to be heard: “If I don’t have a problem with you getting married, why do you have a problem with me having a child out of wedlock?” Facts, and facts.


5. When asked if her priorities have changed post-pregnancy, she jokes that her Netflix recommendations are mostly serial killer shows, which she needs to change.

6. When she stated that the idea of ‘guarantee’ in a marriage is an illusion as good as an Insta scam.

7. When she said that she doesn’t have anything specific against sharing her baby’s picture on social media. “After all, my child will be part of the new generation and I can’t say no to it outright.”

8. When she had the perfect analogy to how the first few months of pregnancy felt like – an alien invasion! She says she kept throwing up and felt sick. But when she saw the baby in the sonography, it was nothing short of a miracle.

9. When she revealed that she is going for a water birth. Also, she ain’t the kind of person who indulges in the pregnancy cravings and is very particular about her food. Future mommies, take note!

10. When she said that her neighbouring aunty met Guy, her boyfriend, and immediately asked her if they are planning to get married. She replied saying, “I am not sure.


11. About her comeback to judgements on her and her decisions, she said that when people point out saying “Oh, your bra strap is showing,” she says, “Okay then, don’t look. I am not asking you to be in my life.” I want to be like Kalki when I grow up!

12. When she said that she was quite worried about dealing with all the advice she’s going to be getting from everyone around.

13. When she had the cutest message for her child saying, “You’re having my back right now and I looking forward to having yours, Kid“. Awww!


Congratulations, Kalki and Guy! Can’t wait for your little bundle of joy to arrive.

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