Along with a steady income, who wouldn’t love to earn a little extra on the side? But working two or more jobs can get extremely exhausting. So why not make way for a passive income? What if we told you there’s a way you could earn some extra bucks on the side with just little to absolutely no effort at all. Sure, you might have to put in a little effort while setting up the passive income system. But once it is all done, you only have one task left—to enjoy its sweet fruits! Want to know how you can do it? Scroll down to find out 5 easy ways you can earn money while sitting idle at home.

1. Start A Blog

Work on building a website that’s about something that interests all kinds of people. Write blogs on topics that won’t die out or become irrelevant after a period of time. Something you know people will be searching for in the long run as well. And once you have good content and decent traffic on your website, you can start hosting ads on it. Then sit back and make money off your already available content.

2. Make Use Of Your Photography

If you think you’ve got an eye for photography then use it to your benefit. Sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto allow you to sell your photos to them. And every time a user downloads your sold pictures on their website, you’ll earn a commission. Isn’t that easy?

3. Write A Book

When you write a book, it can help you earn money off of it once it is published and sells every time. There’s also the option of going the ebook way or even self-publishing your book. If your book does well then you earn from its sales by just sitting idle and doing nothing.

4. Create A Video For YouTube

We’ve all seen how people have risen to fame with the help of YouTube. So why not try your hand at it too? If your video actually goes on to become popular, you can run ads on it and earn money off it easily. Although the number of your earnings may vary depending on your reach, viewership and other factors, it still can work well!

5. Make An App

In today’s world and age, you cannot predict what could go viral. So, creating an app doesn’t sound like a bad way to earn money while sitting idle at home. Every time someone downloads your app, you earn money from it. Did you know the silly iFart app actually made around $30,000 in just a day? Imagine if your app went this viral. You could sit back and relax for a long time, no?

Do you have any other ideas of sitting back and earning some money? Please share with us in the comments below!

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