If you’re someone who’s gotten nail extension before, you’ll deeply be able to relate to what I’m about to say—nail extensions make you feel like you’re that b*tch! There’s just something about having long nails that makes you feel put together. Eighty per cent of the time I spend on Instagram involves stalking manicure accounts. Acrylics, gel overlays, acrylic extensions, I’ve tried them all. So you’re a newbie to nail extensions you’re in the right place. Before you book an appointment at the salon for extensions, here are five things you should know:

1. There Are Two Types—Gel & Acrylic

Acrylic and gel nail extensions may seem like they’re the same, but they have a few differences. When it comes to acrylics, an artificial nail tip is glued onto the lengths of your nails and then a mixture of powder and liquid monomer is applied. Whereas, gel extensions are applied with a premade mix onto the actual nail bed. If you want long nails, then it’s better to stick to acrylic nail extensions. However, if you want a natural-looking manicure then you should opt for gel extensions.

2. Time Consuming & Expensive

If you get your nails done by an experienced professional, then on an average, your manicure session will last for about one hour. However, if you get your nails done by a nail tech who has lesser experience, then on an average your manicure session will last for about 1.5 to 2 hours. While we’re on the subject of spending time let’s talk about spending money. Getting nail extensions and getting refills will set you back a pretty penny. So before you book your appointment you should know that nail extensions are going to cost you a lot of time and money.

3. You’ll Need A Professional Nail Technician

It’s a given that you’ll have to visit a professional nail technician for the application. However, most people assume that you can remove the extensions at home with a nail file and some acetone. Take my word for it, removing nail extensions without the help of a professional is a bad idea! I’ve tried doing that before and ended up severely damaging my nailbeds and cuticles.

4. They Last For 3-4 Weeks

As much as we’d want them to last forever, unfortunately, nail extensions only last for about 3 to 4 weeks. After a few weeks, there will be a gap between the acrylic extension and your cuticle, since your nail has grown. To fix this you’ll either have to get them refilled or removed completely. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s done by a professional.

5. Brittle Nails

It’s said that extensions can harm your actual nail bed and make it brittle. However, if it’s done by an experienced professional with safe and tested ingredients, then you don’t have to worry about damage. Once you’ve got your extensions, make sure you follow your technician’s instructions and when it’s time, get them removed professionally.

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