9 Lisa Mishra-Inspired Outfits When You Want To Up Your Style Game

9 Lisa Mishra-Inspired Outfits When You Want To Up Your Style Game

Natasha Patel

Think of this year as the year for newcomers, makers and shakers who are willing to risk it, for the biscuit—figuratively speaking, of course! Lisa Mishra earned her fame and fortune when she caught Rhea Kapoor‘s attention with her soulful voice early last year, leading to her eventual making a reprise version of Tareefan soundtrack from Veere Di Wedding.

Since then Lisa’s 200k + followers have had the joys of listening to her soft and beautiful voice, along with great OOTDs and stunning selfies. And while I love Lisa’s sweet and talented voice, I’ve got too say that her stylish looks have me singing a whole other tune. Taking note of fashion’s biggest trends, Lisa’s natural and effortlessly classic way to include them into her wadrobe is something that is commendable and earns high points! Check out how stylist Meagan Concessio ups the ante and styles Lisa in the freshest looks…

1. Mixing stripes and checks accompanied with the cutest handbag accessory.

2. Pantsuits that excude chicness but still keep it trendy.

3. Because old school is the new school

4. Making patchwork look less “patchy” and more catchy.

5. Channeling her inner JLo with the right hoops and shoes.

6. Minimal layering with pristine whites.

7. Utility suit with a neon twist


8. Unconventional statement high-low dresses are always a win.

9. A look that means bidness but also screams fun!

Which look would you wear? And let us know your fave!

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