The Jonas BrothersChasing Happiness documentary is one which I enjoyed watching. A fan of their music, it was great to see their life behind it and how they began as just kids, trying to chase their dreams. If you’ve watched the documentary, you’ll see that there is one particular phase in the film where Nick Jonas starts to lose a lot of weight and constantly craves soda. When he is taken to the doctor, he is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 which comes as a shock to him and his family.

Recently, speaking to Cigar Aficionado magazine, Nick shares:

I was very close to a coma. Like, a day away, if I hadn’t gone to the hospital. I kept asking my parents, ‘Am I going to be OK?’ I was just so concerned that it was going to limit my ability to do all the things I wanted to do. I was very scared.

Talking about how he battled the illness, he says, “I found out very quickly it’s a very manageable disease – as long as you’re really diligent“.

After years, Nick has managed to keep his diabetes in check. He is now back with his brothers — Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas — and the trio is out there creating a wave in the country with their Happiness Begins tour, selling out in almost every single city.

We are so glad Nick is fit and healthy now and giving us major couple and family goals with wifey Priyanka Chopra and the Jonas family!