9 Of Summer’s Trendiest Manicures To Try This Month

9 Of Summer’s Trendiest Manicures To Try This Month

Natasha Patel

You know summer’s coming around when you double up the SPF and start guzzling a sh*t ton of water… Along with all that hydration, our wardrobe and beauty closets also slowly start to transform with easy cotton tees and waterproof mascara. There’s also the topic of our manicure… There are some designs and colours that are associated with summer and those with winter/fall. But with a plethora of nail art designs on Instagram, it can sometimes become overwhelming to sit and choose which one fits your bill and your vibe. Some are glittery, some aztec-y and some just plain ‘ol simple with a coat of paint over.

But if you’re looking out for nail inspiration, whether for the festive season or for just love of a good manicure, check out a few designs I’ve rounded up from my Instagram feed. They’re cute, fun and not to OTT. And they’ll be just as statement-worthy as any OOTD! Scroll down and check it out:



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