9 Of Summer's Trendiest Manicures To Try This Month

Natasha Patel , 09 Oct 2019

You know summerโ€™s coming around when you double up the SPF and start guzzling a sh*t ton of waterโ€ฆ Along with all that hydration, our wardrobe and beauty closets also slowly start to transform with easy cotton tees and waterproof mascara. Thereโ€™s also the topic of our manicureโ€ฆ There are some designs and colours that are associated with summer and those with winter/fall. But with a plethora of nail art designs on Instagram, it can sometimes become overwhelming to sit and choose which one fits your bill and your vibe. Some are glittery, some aztec-y and some just plain โ€˜ol simple with a coat of paint over.

But if youโ€™re looking out for nail inspiration, whether for the festive season or for just love of a good manicure, check out a few designs Iโ€™ve rounded up from my Instagram feed. Theyโ€™re cute, fun and not to OTT. And theyโ€™ll be just as statement-worthy as any OOTD! Scroll down and check it out:

Have a preference? Let us know in the comments below!

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