Picture this: you just clicked a fire selfie (the lighting is on point and you look fab) and it’s ready to be posted on the ‘gram. Save one very important thing: you can’t find the perfect caption. Been there, done that. Honestly speaking, sometimes I put off posting pictures because of the amount of stress that comes with finding an apt caption. Ya feel?

When Ananya Birla recently released her latest single, Not A Day Goes By, we were pretty much floored. I, for one, went back and gave her previous songs a listen and I lurve the lyrics!

So, to help all you peeps out there, I combined a list of the perfect Instagram captions from all of her songs!

  1. There’s no luxury in speed
  2. Got the world on my shoulders, one year older
  3. I think you’re stuck in my mind, it’s like poison in my veins
  4. Even after your lies my heart still beats for you
  5. I don’t understand why but I want it all the time
  6. You’re gonna look at me like I’m the best you’ve ever seen
  7. But your love is killing me
  8. I’m ready to risk it all for you
  9. All I really want is to be with you
  10. Tune out, sign off
  11. You could be miles away, I still see you
  12. What would you do for love?
  13. Can’t get you off my mind
  14. Give you all my time just to make you mine
  15. Dreaming of everything we could be
  16. Falling out of love together and thinking it would last forever
  17. Without you, I’d be running in circles
  18. Long as I gotchu, everything will be okay
  19. We make love our weapon
  20. One look, one love
  21. With you, I’m ten feet taller
  22. See the fire in your eyes, you ain’t gonna burn me this time
  23. Spread the love
  24. Livin’ the life
  25. See the love, feel the love
  26. Tear down these walls, nothing can hold her back
  27. We can be unstoppable

What’s your favourite lyric out of these all? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets to her concert at the location closest to you! Ananya will be in Delhi on 16th October, Bangalore on 19th October, Chennai on 20th October and Ahmedabad on 23rd October.

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