Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Tells Mahira Sharma Her Shoes Look Better Than Her Face

Pallavi Manoj , 12 Oct 2019
Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma (Source: Instagram | @relasidharthshukla and @mahirasharmaofficial)
Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma (Source: Instagram | @relasidharthshukla, and @mahirasharmaofficial)

If you think your life is missing some entertainment, switch on the TV and tune in to Bigg Boss 13. It might just have been a few weeks since the new season began, but the drama in this season might beat everything from the previous seasons of the show. This season’s theme is fast track and will see a finale in the fourth week.

In most recent news, Bigg Boss allotted a new task to the contestants called BB Fisheries. In this task, the female contestants get a chance to free one boy from elimination.
The nominated contestants have to try and get rid of fishes from their pond put there by the female contestants. To do this, they can transfer it to their opponents but make sure their pond is clean. Each female contestant was given one basket of fishes, while the queen was given two.

Shehnaz and Mahira empty their baskets into Paras‘ pond. Meanwhile, Mahira and Sidharth Shukla get into a fight and in anger, Siddharth tells her shoes to look better than her face. Later when Mahira starts singing songs Siddharth says that her voice is much worse than her face. Siddharth Dey and Shukla get into a fight later in the episode. Shefali supports Mahira while Aarti supports Shukla. To this, Siddharth calls Shefali Dadi Amma.

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