Tips On Practicing Emotional First-Aid—Straight From A Success Coach

Tips On Practicing Emotional First-Aid—Straight From A Success Coach

Pooja Maheshwary

When we scrape a knee, we use an antiseptic to keep it clean. We wash our hair twice, sometimes thrice a week, to avoid dirt accumulation. Heck, even on days we just want to crash in bed, we still remove our make-up religiously. However, while we take the utmost care of our physical selves, we can be a little lousy when it comes to taking care of our emotional well-being.

Why is emotional health not as important as our physical wellness? When considering the fast-paced, overworked, anxiety-inducing lifestyles that seem to be the status quo, and the feelings of rejection, failure, loneliness, and depression each of us experiences at one point or another without discrimination—it becomes even more crucial to practice emotional self-care.

To shed light on some of the biggest concerns that we face when it comes to our emotional health, we asked Success and Life Coach Anand Chulani to join us for our weekly #GirlTribeLive on Malini’s Girl Tribe. To say, Anand was a big ball of energy, would be an understatement. And the conversation we had was so inspiring and empowering! Read on to see what was discussed.

The Relation Between Emotions And Success

As human beings, at the core, we have two fears, says Anand. ‘Am I enough?’ and ‘Will I be loved?’ And everyone faces these fears at one point or another, irrespective of age, gender, and other such differences. Even those who seemingly ‘have it all’. And often we suppress an emotion instead of dealing with it. So, the first step is being honest with yourself, and asking, ‘What am I feeling?’

What usually gets in the way of achieving success is our emotions. If we have the right emotion—if we’re feeling passion, excitement or joy—we can knock that goal out. But if we’re feeling stressed, anxious or worried, that gets in the way of what we want. Isn’t that true?

3 Things To Do To Practice Emotional Self-Care

Here are some tips that Anand shared:

  • Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself 2 things—’Did I learn anything new today?’ and ‘Did I make an impact?’ If you look at your life in this way, every day is a win!
  • The greatest gift you can give yourself, and your loved ones, is your presence. So, be mindfully present to each moment!
  • When people ask you how you are, you can say you’re okay, but you have to be honest with yourself about how you feel. Don’t be afraid of being real!Emotional self-care is non-negotiable. What practices do you follow towards this goal? Please share it with us in the comments below.We often have such conversations on Malini’s Girl Tribe. To be a part of them, join the Tribe here.