What Type Of Vegetarian Are You?

Suruchi Patwary , 14 Oct 2019

The term ‘vegetarian’ has become quite tricky to use in today’s time, considering the various layers hidden behind its usage by people. Some of them only consume veg food but also have eggs, some only have eggs in cakes, some consume only veg food on certain days—honestly, I could just go on forever about this. If you’re thinking to yourself what category of vegetarian you or your friends fall under, then fret no more! Scroll down to understand the various categories and see if you find yours.

1. Pescetarians

The pescatarian type of vegetarians eat shellfish and fish but avoid red or white meats in their diet. They’re very similar to flexitarians and semi-vegetarians.

2. Vegans

Veganism has become extremely popular in recent years and many people are shifting to this type of diet. Vegans are the strictest type of vegetarians—they consume only plant-based foods. They do not consume any food of animal origin in any form. This includes milk, milk, products, honey, etc.

3. Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians

People who follow this diet are called ovo-lacto vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians interchangeably. This one is the most common veg diet followed in the States. Ovo-lacto vegetarians do not consume any fish, shellfish, red or white meat, insects or any kind of animal flesh. But they do consume egg and dairy products. They also tend to consume only free-range eggs—eggs that come from birds who have access to the outdoors.

4. Pollotarian

Pollotarians follow a semi-vegetarian diet that includes chicken and poultry foods, but no fish, red meat or any other animal meat. I’m sure we all know a lot of people who are pollotarians.

5. Flexitarian

If you didn’t crack the code already, flexitarian is actually a combination of two words—flexible and vegetarian. Flexitarians usually follow a plant-based diet but also enjoy meat occasionally.

6. Semi-vegetarians

Semi-vegetarians, also known as partial vegetarians generally exclude meat. But they consume eggs and dairy products along with chicken and fish.

Special categories that need recognition:

1. Gravytarian

A gravytarian will most commonly be found lurking around non-vegetarians consuming a non-veg curry based dish. They generally wipe out all the gravy from the bowl but still consider themselves vegetarians.

Quick confession: I am a gravytarian and I am not ashamed of it.

2. Will-try-it-once-atarian 

These adventurous veggies are all about trying everything once in life, mainly food. They will taste non-veg foods like fish, eggs, chicken, even meat at times, just for the fun of it. But mind you, they’re still vegetarians and they like being identified as one.

3. Selective-etarian 

You will know a selective-etarian when you see one. They will especially crave non-veg food on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays—the three days in a week that they’re not allowed to consume it specifically for various beliefs, religious or otherwise. Apart from these, there are also type B of selective-etarians who consume non-veg food only when drunk! You already have a friend who does that, don’t you?

Do you know of any other type of veggies that you come across? Do let us know in the comments below.

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