An Expert’s Insight Into Alternative Healing & How To Stay Positive

An Expert’s Insight Into Alternative Healing & How To Stay Positive

Dhruvi Modi
Aartii Khuraana & Dhruvi Modi
Aartii Khuraana & Dhruvi Modi

It comes as no surprise that on some level we all carry the burdens of our past with us. Whether it stems from failed relationships, traumatic events, or just day-to-day events that bring you down, we bring a lot of energy, positive or negative, into our present situation that affects our outlook on life. So, how can we go about cleansing this energy and enable ourselves to become more positive and optimistic? While there isn’t just one way to heal, there is a method that was recently brought to our attention. Access bars healing.

In order to learn more about this, we decided to invite Aartii Khuraana, celebrity tarot card reader and access bars practitioner to our weekly #GirlTribeLive on Malini’s Girl Tribe. Our Features Writer, Dhruvi Modi, hosted the live and we dove into the nitty-gritties of alternate forms of healing such as access bars as well as a live tarot card reading session.

We had a flood of questions come in from the Girl Tribe members regarding access bars therapy. Aartii explained the science behind this alternative modality of healing. Originating in the USA back in the 90s, this healing process involves shifting the energy from the 32 points that exist in your mind. What the practitioner does is press the different points on your brain (that correlate to several different aspects of your life: sexuality, kindness, ageing, money and so on). Aartii elaborated on how we carry energies from all across our different lifetimes with us, and that it can be taxing. To relieve this stress, access bars is a perfect solution!

We also had a live tarot card reading session during the live where the Girl Tribe members asked the most pressing questions that they had. From “When will I get married?” to “Should I buy a house this year?“, Aarti gracefully pulled out the cards and gave them the answers they were seeking. It is important to note, however, that energies keep shifting every six months, hence the outcome can vary in a matter of time.

You can catch the LIVE here on Malini’s Girl Tribe and learn all about access bars too!

Aarti also gave us some pro tips when it comes to leading a happier and more positive life. Here are her top 3 tips:

  1. Affirmations: Include positive affirmations as a part of your daily routine. Such statements will manifest themselves! If you say this 21 times a day, you will actually see a difference. One statement that Aartii recommends is, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”.
  2. Prayers: Adopt a more spiritual stance towards life, even if means chanting a couple of mantras (whichever speak the most to you!) every morning.
  3. Exercise: You release endorphins (happy hormones) while exercising! This can boost your energy and you’ll feel better overall!

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