9 Real Love Stories That Broke All Barriers To Love

Suruchi Patwary , 16 Oct 2019
Soha Ali Khan And Kunal Khemu
Soha Ali Khan And Kunal Khemu
Throughout our life, we constantly make decisions. Be it subconscious ones like doing everyday chores to heavy, important decisions like choosing a career. While we make these decisions based on our better judgement, when it comes to love, relationships and marriages in India – the choice isn’t as simple. Love is plagued by unreasonable expectations of a society that hasn’t moved past barriers. Which is why, Closeup came up with a heart-touching movement that is closely related to this topic—the #FreeToLove movement. The aim of this movement is to champion all kinds of closeness and build a future where we all have the freedom to love the one we want.

Age, gender, caste, religion and a few other factors play a major role in our society in deciding whether the relationship is ‘conventional’ enough. And couples whose pairing falls outside the lines of what the society defines as ‘appropriate’ often experience demeaning treatment, face oppression and feel less accepted. A survey by Closeup revealed that although most young people yearn for a world where everyone can be free to love the person they want to love, fewer than 3 in 5 believe they have the freedom of attraction.

To support this thoughtful and much-needed movement by Closeup, many well-known celebrities and influencer couples came forward with their own #FreeToLove stories, where they talk about their relationship and the barriers they crossed to finally be together. Some were lucky enough to find support from their friends and family, while some had to face a lot of backlash for loving and being with their soulmate. Nevertheless, they bare it all while talking about their love story in the hopes that their journey inspires others who’re going through the same and also find the courage to stand up for their love.
Scroll down to check them all out. Who knows, maybe you could find a story that resonates with your own!

1. Soha Ali Khan

2. Kunal Khemu

3. Malini Agarwal

4. Nowshad Rizwanullah

5. Geeta Phogat

6. Saina Nehwal


7. Parupalli Kashyap

8. Sucheta Sharma James

9. Harrison James

Love is love and acceptance matters! We build the society around us, so why not stand up for what we believe in and make the world a better place? If you too have gone/are going through such barriers and wish to know more about the campaign, you can visit their website here and extend your support!

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