Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karan Johar are the kind of friends we so would love to eavesdrop on, right? I mean, with the kind of gossip and news the both of them have access to, it will always be a fun conversation it seems like! When it comes to Alia Bhatt and KJo, their relationship is known to all. Alia considers Karan to be her father figure and is even a rakhi sister to Karan’s son, Yash Johar. With respect to Bebo, Alia has told time and again that she is her biggest fan. Now, just imagine if these three really close set of friends come together to sit and chat about their work, life and everything in between. Super fun.

So, while they were themselves a riot on stage, Varun Dhawan decided to join the party too. We all know he is also very close to Alia and Karan, and so he randomly happened to call KJo while their talk was on. Alia picks the call and tells Varun, “VD, you are on speaker and we are at the Jio MAMI film festival, so say something intelligent. All your fans are here and they are saying they love you“.

To this, Varun doesn’t trust her, thinking she is joking and says “F**k You” very softly, but on the mic so we could hear it. When Karan asks what he said, Kareena jokes saying, “He abused with the same word Alia used“. For the uninitiated, at the beginning of the talk, Alia also used a swear word by mistake.

Kareena also jokingly added:

As you can see, this generation of actors, Kaise hai yeh log!

Alia blushes, all embarrassed and nudges Kareena and the audience had a good laugh. Kareena and Alia have previously worked together in Udta Punjab and share a very close bond.