Bigg Boss 13: Abu Malik Gets Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

Shubanka Sridhar , 22 Oct 2019

The Bigg Boss 13 tasks and evictions are getting much more serious as the finale is approaching and the drama and twists surrounding it keeping us on the edge of our seats. On yesterday’s episode of the show, we saw Abu Malik get evicted from the house. Salman Khan announced the names of the poeple who were in danger, and while he declared Paras Chhabra safe, he said that only one person will be evicted this week and that would be with a twist.

For this elimination, it was decided that the girls in the house would decide who they want to eliminate. They were asked to choose between Siddharth Dey and Abu Malik, and they named Abu Malik unanimously. He was not the most controversial or active contestant during and was often criticised for not being very forthcoming in the tasks. He was often made the ‘sachalak‘ or the decision-maker as he was neutral to the whole scene, and was good with handling situations.

While most other contestants are always pitting against each other and being at loggerheads with each other, Abu was one who was loved and respected by one and all.

Talking about his experience being in the house, Abu said:

The show has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable experiences of my life. From meeting different people to dealing with conflicting egos and temperaments, the house has definitely taught me a lot about life and myself. I have discovered a different side to myself and I am leaving the house with a lot of positivity. I wish everyone the best of luck for their journey and will be rooting for them from the other side.

While it is quite sad to see this happy-go-lucky, chai lover leave the Bigg Boss house, we are surely looking forward to all the drama and tension that’s building up towards the finale.

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