6 Vibrant Nail Colours That Particularly Look Great On Dusky Skin Tones

Eesha Kokane , 29 Oct 2019

As desi girls, we’ve always been told not to take risks when it comes to expressing ourselves through our fashion and beauty choices. “Stick to basics!”, “Don’t experiment so much!”, “That colour is too bright for you!” are just a few pieces of the advice we get as dusky-skinned girls. It’s easy to get affected by these unsolicited opinions, but we should keep our head held high and do whatever we want to do!

I recently visited a new nail salon and met a super talented and experienced nail technician. What she had to say about this issue, completely changed my mind. I used to shy away from vibrant nail colours, thinking that they won’t suit my dusky skin. However, this nail technician encouraged me to try out bright colours since the contrast between the colour and your skin tone will make your manicure stand out! So if you want to try out vibrant nail colours, here are some colours that my nail technician swears by:

1. Graphic Emerald

2. Berry Shades

3. Autumn Hues

4. Lilacs And Lavenders

5. Fiery Pinks

6. Mint Blue

Which one of these shades are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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