Deepika Padukone Talks About Her Hair & Makeup Routine In Harpers Bazaar's Latest Video

Eesha Kokane , 30 Oct 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been floored by Deepika Padukone‘s Instagram posts *raises hand in 0.02 seconds*. I’ve loved Deepika’s work as an actress over the years. IMHO, she’s one of the most versatile actresses in the movie industry. Entertaining movies and her charming personality apart, what I love about her, are her beauty looks. From a minimal day-time look to a dramatic glamorous makeup look, she can pull off any and everything!

Hence, when I came across a video she recently shot with Harper’s Bazaar I freaked out! This video revealed everything about Deepika’s most iconic hair and makeup looks. We even got see a few snippets from Sandhya Shekhar and Georgiou Gabriel, who are Deepika’s makeup artist and hairstylist respectively.

For all you lazy peeps out there, I’ll give you a detailed breakdown below, but here is the video in case you haven’t watched it yet:

I don’t know about you, but I was taking notes the whole time! Here’s what I learnt about Deepika’s hair and makeup routine from watching the video:

1. Learn To Experiment

Deepika mentions in this video that she used to tend to stick to the classics, however, over the years, she’s learnt how to experiment. A centre-parting was something she was sceptical to try out, but now it’s one of her favourites when it comes to styling her hair. Since we’re on the topic of experimenting, she also mentioned that she didn’t like applying any makeup under the eyes. But thanks to experimenting, now she loves applying a few coats of mascara on her lower eyelashes.

2. Less Is More

Deepika’s MUA, Sandhya mentioned the fact that the no-makeup-makeup is Deepika’s signature look. Since Deepika is not a fan of full coverage, her MUA only applies a few drops of foundation to her skin. Natural and clean looking skin is Deepika’s go-to look.

3. Brows On Fleek

For those of you, who didn’t know this, Deepika does her own eyebrows! Sandhya mentions in this video that she trusts Deepika to do her own eyebrow makeup since she knows exactly what suits and works for her. No wonder those brows are always on fleek, amirite?

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