Four Girls Share Their Beyond Inspiring #FreedomHair Story & We’re All For It!

Four Girls Share Their Beyond Inspiring #FreedomHair Story & We’re All For It!

Dhruvi Modi
Pantene Freedom Hair
Pantene Freedom Hair

Pantene‘s latest campaign is the talk of the town and for good reason. Their #FreedomHair campaign inspires young girls everywhere to write their own stories and encourages them to be narrators of their own lives. From the nine-year-old skateboarder Kamali Moorthy to athlete and LGBT activist Dutee Chand, the brand film showcases eight motivating women from all walks of life, inviting girls to embrace the power of their #FreedomHair as well. We had a chance to see their individual #FreedomHair stories, and what the power of being your true self has led them to achieve in life.

Dutee Chand, LGBT Activist and Athlete

Coming from a household with barely any food, money or sometimes even shelter, Chand was determined to create her own legacy in sports. Inspired by her older sister who is also an athlete, Chand practised running in her small village. She mentions,

People in my village didn’t know why I was running. They’d jeer and say “Why is she running like a madwoman? What would you get out of running? Our children study, do household chores, why are you running?”Overcoming hurdles such as “no ground to run on”, Chand states that running was a struggle initially, especially when she went barefoot on pebbled roads with the stones hurting her barefoot.

You can watch her story here:

Ishita Malaviya, Surfer

As the first female surfer in India, Ishita strived to make a mark in a primarily male-dominated sport.

Girls are always made to feel inferior (…) in India I feel like a thousand people are going to tell you that you can’t do something like its not possible you know but I feel like if you want to do it then just do it

Malaviya mentions how she loves surfing with open hair because it gives her the freedom to feel free in the water because “you don’t want to feel tied down“. She further asserts that what she would like to see is “a sense of surf sisterhood in India where women are encouraging each other, sharing waves because that’s what it is about. Acknowledging your fears and pushing past your limits”.

Check out her story here:

Manjari Makijany, Filmmaker

With the support of an inspirational father, Manjari decided to tread the waters of entering the film industry, but behind the scenes as a director and filmmaker.

It was only until I went to university is kind of when I let my hair open, literally and metaphorically that I found myself. In a way that I was more sure of myself. I think the way someone wears their hair is the way they wear theirattitude. So, it was nice to embrace my own.As growing up, she didn’t have any female filmmakers to look up to and idolise, she wants to make a difference and invite girls to dream and let be.

Watch her talk about her story here:

Paloma Monappa, Surfer, DJ & Model

Monappa is the epitome of girls who have multiple passions in life– surfing, DJing ad modelling and can multitask and do all! She says,

The best thing about what I do is that it gives me a sense of freedom because I can travel I am independent and I can make my own choices.She stresses “the importance to wear your hair exactly the way you want it because it sets you apart from everyone else. It makes you, you. It makes you unique.” Monappa encourages girls to set goals and achieve them while following their dreams because nothing is impossible to attain.

Here’s her story:

In their Freedom Hair Anthem, we see Pantene also tell the stories of the young skateboarder, Kamali Moorthy, tattoo artist, Amba Soma, biker and dentist, Dr. Neharika Yadav and fashion designer and celebrity stylist, Chandni Sareen. Their stories are truly exemplary in motivating young girls to explore uncharted territories and mapping their own ways in life.

You can watch the #FreedomHair film here:

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