It’s no secret that Sara Ali Khan is extremely close to her mother and actress Amrita Singh. While we’ve seen Sara post adorable pictures with her mom on her Instagram, today the actress took to post a video fo her Amrita. In the video, you can see that Amrita is hiding her face in what appears to be guilt and you can see a huge paper dosa that covers the length of the table. Sara is behind the camera and questions her mother as to what’s going on to which her mother just shakes her head. The Simmba actress also mentions in her caption that when her mom and she go out to eat it’s always a cheat day. In the video, you can also see how the mother-daughter duo has already finished feasting on other South Indian delicacies like idlis, normal dosas, and probably many more dishes before the ordered the huge paper dosa.

Check out the cute video:

Celebrities… they’re just like us. I mean, what’s life without a hardcore cheat day, huh? Even Shilpa Shetty cheats on Sundays. So, we’re allowed to cheat on our diets too, right?

The mother-daughter duo went to Mumbai’s famous South Indian restaurant Dakshinayan in Juhu. The restaurant that’s almost always packed at any time of the day seems quite empty in the video. We’re Sara and Amrita had an amazing time on their cheat day and because we absolutely enjoyed watching it in the little snippet. Now that this clip has made me hungry, going to gobble down a paper dosa all by myself.