Anil Kapoor Responds To Fans After They Ask Him To Become Maharashtra's CM

Shravan Shah , 04 Nov 2019
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Maharashtra elections were conducted recently and while everybody has been waiting to witness who will be the next CM of the state, the tussle between BJP and Shi Sena is delaying the result. While that has been happening, netizen are having a field day on Twitter and recently one of the users tweeted that Anil Kapoor should be the next CM! Why? Well, in 2001, Anil starred in a film titled Nayak: The Real Hero where he essayed the role of a television reporter who becomes the CM of the state for a day after he challenges the then CM, Amrish Puri on national television. The film is one of the noteworthy films of Mr Kapoor’s career and remains to be the audience’s favourites.

Here’s what the user tweeted!

While everybody seemed to love the idea of this, Anil responded to the user and won the hearts, yet again!

He said:

He further spoke at an event to the reporters and added,

I like any political leader working for his country.

Come to think of it, we loved his portrayal in the film and we wouldn’t mind seeing a jhakkas CM like Mr Kapoor! Thoughts?

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