Come weekend, and Bigg Boss is all ready to with its dose of entertainment and drama! The Weekend Ka Vaar episode saw a new entrant in the house in the form of Punjabi actress, Himanshi Khurana. The actor enjoys a huge fan following when it comes to her social media – with a total of 3.5 million followers, and they were rooting for her when she entered the house. But with her came a host of drama, as she had some tea to spill about one of the most loved contestants on the show – Shehnaaz Gill.

While Shehnaaz is considered to be one of Salman Khan‘s favourite contestants on the show, all of that seemed to have taken a slight beating when Himanshi accused her of body-shaming and insulting her. What added fuel to the fire, later on, was Himanshi’s fans digging out a few videos of Shehnaaz. She is seen calling someone an elephant and overweight and speaking about someone’s mother and their family. Sharing it on Twitter, fans wrote to Salman and taunted him for always looking out for Shehnaaz.

Here are the videos:

Well, seems like it only takes one new entrant in the house to topple the forerunner’s list to the ground. When Himanshi did enter the house, Shehnaaz is seen creating a scene and being clearly pissed at seeing her there. We can only anticipate all the drama and the controversies to follow in the coming days, amirite guys?