I always look forward to a fresh, new face in a sea of known faces on screen. More often than not, they may end up blowing our minds with their performance or just have us move to the next one, but it sure is exciting. Star kids like Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday debuted last year and made a place for themselves in the hearts of their audiences. This did prove that along with their privilege as star kids, it was their hard work and talent that got them that love and adoration.

Now, next in line to join these girls is Hrithik Roshan‘s cousin – Pashmina Roshan. The daughter of music director Rajesh Roshan. Hailing from the renowned Roshan family – with her grandfather Roshanlal Nagrath, who was a renowned Indian music director like her father, and her uncle Rakesh Roshan who is a renowned filmmaker – films and acting is something she would have grown up around. According to sources, Pashmina has been preparing to enter the industry and was apparently being mentored by her brother, Hrithik, who is one of the most sought after actors in the business.

With news of her being the next star kid on the block, sources suggest that she is already in talks with some top banners in the industry. What may come handly for this star kid is her strong theatre background. She has also been a part of acting workshops under renowned filmmakers and technicians like Jeff Goldberg, Abhishek Pandey, Barry John, Nadira Babbar and Vinod Rawat.

We do look forward to seeing this 24-year-old on the big screen soon!