7 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts For When You Need Some Motivation

7 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts For When You Need Some Motivation

Dhruvi Modi

Mercury is in retrograde and a lot of things are falling apart, amirite? Whether it is that boy you are crushing on who just got into a relationship or your boss is giving you bucket loads of work to finish with unreasonable deadlines; this is generally not panning out to be a good time in many people’s lives. So, I thought I would come to the rescue and present to you some of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts that I scroll through when I’m in search of motivational, feel-good quotes. Here are my top 7 picks, so be sure to hit that follow button!

1. @positivelysparkly

Just like the name of this account, everything here is all positive with a sprinkle of glitter. Follow this account if you want to wake up to inspirational quotes (that are not preachy in the least bit!).

2. @thegoodquote

For those of you who need some extra motivation on certain days (or months) that don’t quite feel right, this account is perfect for you.


3. @squaresayings

What’s life if not given to us with a side of fuh-ny. This account is real af, and I honestly can’t get enough of it!

4. @quoteoftheday

Say goodbye to your therapist, and hello to this new account that will change your life (for free!).

5. @thefemalehustlers

Boss ladies, listen up! I’m all aboard the female empowerment train, so it’s high time you follow an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to exactly that.

6. @morganharpernichols

Art + quotes = perfection. Trust me when I say that this account is one that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.

7. @empowerpuffgurl

I follow this Instagram account to make my feed more aesthetic (LOL!) and make my mind feel more at peace on certain sad days.


Which Instagram accounts do you also recommend? Let us know below!

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