"I’m All About A White Wedding" - Malaika Arora

Shravan Shah , 05 Nov 2019
Malaika Arora For DiyaRajvvir at Lakme Fashion Week WF'19 in Mumbai | Source: Viral Bhayani
Malaika Arora For DiyaRajvvir at Lakme Fashion Week WF’19 in Mumbai | Source: Viral Bhayani

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor always make news with whatever they do. Recently, Malika was present on Neha Dhupia‘s chat show, where the actress spoke about her idea wedding plans, reported Midday.

Malaika revealed that she would love to walk down the aisle in a white gown.

I’m all about a white wedding, [ and have] always liked the [ concept] of bridesmaids. They would be my closest girl [ friends]. my girl gang,” Arora said, adding that her best woman would be “ my closest friend, Vahbiz Mehta.”

She also spoke about how Arjun is not fond of her photography skills.

He thinks I do a crappy job of taking his pictures. He clicks better pictures of me, so, the pictures I take fail in comparison.  He is perfect but isn’t the best at handling his money.

She further added that somebody who is an animal person would appease her.

[ i like someone who is] a dog person, or a cat person. [ Pets] become family. For me, [ my dog] Casper is [ part of the family]. in fact, my son says that [ i] love [ Casper] more than I love him. He asks, ‘ mamma, do you love Casper or me?’ i say, I have two boys and I love you both equally. He says, ‘ mom, can you not be diplomatic; choose me and say: ‘ You’re my number 1.’ I’m like, I can’t say that. Arhaan is everything, but Casper is also my everything.

Such cuties!

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