Veet India Shows Us How Going Clean Is The Newest Trend For Men

Dhruvi Modi , 06 Nov 2019
Kartik Aaryan For Veet Men
Kartik Aaryan For Veet Men

In modern-day India, it’s not uncommon to still see fixed roles and obsolete stereotypes being placed on genders. For example, take body hair on men. Often times we have heard that the presence of body hair makes a man masculine. Does it really, though? It’s high time we break these stereotypes and step into the 21st Century. In fact, India’s beloved actor Kartik Aaryan raised the same question.

He took to the internet and asked a very important question: Is body hair on men sexy or not? He initiated this conversation with the hashtag #BodyHairOrBodyBare, which in turn opened up a channel for people all over the country. They were urged to voice their opinion on the much-debated topic: Is going bare sexy or not?

Additionally, other influencers and celebrities such as Ali Fazal, Aparshakti Khurana and Rannvijay, to name a few, sent in their answers to trending hashtag of #BodyHairOrBodyBare:

Legions of people across the country shared their viewpoints as well. This came as an outpouring of men speaking up about their thoughts on body hair and the idea of going bare.

Kartik further encouraged women across the country to share their preferences as well. Do they find men sexy with body hair or without?

The hashtag #FindYourSexy started trending, and we saw female celebrities such as Neha Dhupia Bedi, Tamanna Bhatia and Shakti Mohan, as well as women across India shed light on where they stand when it comes to body hair on men.

Actress Neha Dhupia gave her opinion as well, by stating that her kinda guy is one who likes puppies as much as she does and dislikes underarm hair as much as she does.

Tamannah Bhatia and Shakti Mohan had interesting things to say as well:

Multiple women flooded the hashtag #FindYourSexy, and soon enough we had this movement gather momentum, with women sharing with us what they wish would change: normalising no body hair on men. They also mentioned what they believe their sexy is.

Wrapping up this debate, Kartik shared a video of himself mentioning that he had something exciting to share and that “the verdict would be out soon“. Watch here to see what he said:

As a response to this debate, Kartik went live. He announced that according to a survey conducted by Veet India, 60% of young women (amongst the age group of 18-24) prefer to be with a man who removes his body hair. Now that’s an important statistic that we need to address immediately and take into account, shouldn’t we? Veet India did not just stop at the discussion of this topic. Instead, they also introduced a solution– their latest product, a hair removal cream for men. Aaryan further announced that he is the face of Veet Men India as well. How cool, noh?

Veet India launched their latest product as well as the TVC and honestly, it’s the need of the hour:

It’s high time that we do away with these obsolete stereotypes of how men should look or if they ought to have body hair in order to be masculine. In an ever-progressing society, it’s important that we support the idea of normalising no body hair on men, amirite?

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