#IfTreesCouldTalk is a blog series that aims to highlight one aspect of environmental impact, wildlife conservation and other issues that need to be spoken about from the natural world and our impact on it. The idea was simple. We just believe that if Mother Nature had a voice, there would be a lot she would have to say about the state of the world today and what we can do to help. This is just our effort to give her a voice.

Random rain showers in November, hundreds of trees being cut overnight, and sudden fires burning down cities—it’s just a sh*tshow in the name of climate, honestly! And our country has not managed to escape this disaster either. I’ve been seeing my friends who are visiting Delhi or are from the capital wear breathing masks. And what hit me hardest was seeing the dense smog situation there. The air quality in Delhi has gone for a toss and this time it looks worse than ever.

Delhi air emergency is real and if you still think climate change is a hoax then I’ve gathered some tweets that will put things in perspective. Take a deep breath before you scroll down because this might take some time to digest. There’s an app that will tell you how critical the air quality in Delhi is by converting it to the number of cigarettes being smoked in one day. And the numbers for Delhi look terrible! Check it out for yourself.

The app is called Shit, I Smoke and is designed by Amaury Martiny and Marcelo Coelho. It collects live data from the air quality stations nearest to your location and converts it to the number of cigarettes being smoked by you. And from the data we’ve been seeing, it’s clear that the air quality in Delhi is equal to smoking 30+ cigarettes in a single day. In fact, the whole of Delhi-NCR basically, is going through its worst experience regarding air quality. You can check for yourself every day how toxic the air you’re breathing is, with the help of this app. Last checked on 3rd November, the data said the air quality was so toxic, it was equivalent to 33.2 cigarettes being smoked by one person. How scary is that!

We ought to be a bit more mindful of our actions, even if they might seem really insignificant at the moment. Every effort counts, no matter how small or big. So, let us all try and make better lifestyle decisions and needed changes.

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