Surveen Chawla
Surveen Chawla

The period post-delivery is one of the most important phases of a new mother’s life. Surveen Chawla, who gave birth to her daughter, Eva, in April this year has also gone through her phase of highs and lows post-delivery. Someone who has always believed in a holistic and healthy lifestyle, she has been an advocate of keeping fit at all times – even during her pregnancy.

Post-pregnancy, Surveen took to practising yoga and cardiovascular activity, sometimes doing both together. When it came to her diet, she ate only home-cooked food and did not crave outside meals. Now, 6 months post-delivery, she says she has only 5 kgs to lose out of the 18kgs she had gained. Now isn’t that so cool, such an inspiration to all the young moms out there?

When it came to her pre-pregnancy care, one thing Surveen says she was conscious of was post-partum depression and made an effort to evade it. Surveen says that the one thing she did about that was keep to keep herself in an emotionally sound place, where she had knowledge about what was going on with her and her baby.

She says:

There were days when my emotions were all over the place. But, I did my best to stay centred, and share my feelings with my partner. I reminded myself every day that I was doing the best I could.

According to the actress, one shouldn’t have to repress themselves. She says she is lucky to be blessed with a partner who shares everything with her. That’s such support, isn’t it?