Exclusive: Tara Sutaria On Receiving Criticism For SOTY2: “It’s Part And Parcel Of What We Do And I Accept It”

Shravan Shah , 11 Nov 2019
Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria is one of those students of Karan Johar who has managed to already become the talk of the town. The actress made her debut this year with Ananya Panday opposite Tiger Shroff in Student Of The Year 2. While there was so much chatter around the film, it managed to prove a dud at the ticket windows. Even then, the actress already has two films in her kitty.

Talking about the mixed reactions SOTY2 received, Tara said,

You know the good thing is that I’ve been performing since I was young. I’m quite used to a certain amount of criticism because there’s always going to be there in the performing arts, whether it’s acting, singing, dancing, whatever you do that’s going to come your way. Not everyone is going to connect and understand and appreciate what you do and that’s completely okay. I think that’s very important in the creative process. I think there’s a lot to learn from constructive criticism and of course when there’s trolling and when they are bullying and things like that – I don’t subscribe to that. But I think that it’s part and parcel of what we do and I’m sure that’s going to happen with every film so I’m open and I accept it.

She further also spoke about shifting characters as she jumbled between SOTY 2 and Marjaavaan.

I feel like when you have the kind of team that we’ve had on both films, the support that you get from the team members and from the set that you’re part of it all matters. I’m lucky to have started off with the Dharma Family and now of course, with T-series and with Emmay Entertainment. Everything felt very smooth. The only thing that was challenging was of course, the world of the films. Both the films are so different. They’re definitely two different worlds for sure and also because my character is a mute character in Marjaavan, so to learn sign language and remember everything all day – it’s not easy but I’m really grateful for it.

Tara has been a trained classical singer and a ballet dancer too. Talking about how acting happened to her, she said:

I always wanted to be a singer. Always wanted to go abroad and sing and take that further when I was younger. As I was in my teens and grew up a little bit more, I started acting more. I was in musicals and things like that – that whole idea opened me up when I was a little older. Then I met Karan Johar and he said let’s wait for a few months and prep you and train you and you read SOTY and let’s take it forward and that happened. You know, everything just happened since then.

Apart from these two, the actress also has Tadap in her kitty. Speaking about her hectic schedule she revealed that she doesn’t even get time to see her friends or her twin sister.

I definitely had no idea that I would be doing three films this year. It’s amazing but also hectic. A lot has changed for me this year. I don’t even see my friends, or my twin sister or my family as much as I used to but I can’t complain because I’m doing everything that I wanted to do.

Seems like Tara is all set for the year with her films and we can’t wait to watch Marjaavaan!

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