One look at Sushmita Sen‘s Instagram profile is enough to know just how close she is to her family. Especially her two daughters Renee and Alisah Sen. For those who are unaware, Sushmita Sen decided to adopt her first daughter Renee when she was 24 years old. Ever since then she has been a proud mom always encouraging people to adopt. Her love for children comes through in everything that she does and puts out on social media as well. Recently, her younger daughter Alisah was given an assignment from school to write an essay on something that’s close to her heart. The little one chose to write about Adopting a child from the orphanage.

Sush, like the proud mama she is, chose to upload a video of Alisah reading out and explaining her essay to her on Instagram. From the video, it’s clear that Sushmita gets emotional as you can hear her voice crack.
In the video, Alisah tells everyone why adopting is important. And it’s honestly adorable and it’s surprising how reflective and aware she is.

Check out the video:

How cute is Alisah? We wish the little one nothing but the best. All the love for her mama, who has instilled such values in her.

Nothing but good vibes and positivity for this lovely family.