Swara Bhasker (Source: Instagram | @reallyswara)
Swara Bhasker (Source: Instagram | @reallyswara)

Swara Bhasker has always been one to speak her mind, and not hold her opinions back. While audiences loved that about her, it is not always a smooth ride. While she was on the show, Son Of Abhish a few weeks ago, she was pulled up for a video that shows her allegedly abusing a 4-year-old.

While on the show, she spoke about how a small boy on the sets of her first advertisement shoot called her ‘Aunty’. In conversation, she is seen using terms like ‘chu**ya‘ and ‘kameena‘ with reference to the kid. This created an uproar online, with the hashtag #SwaraAunty trending on Twitter. People expressed their disappointment saying she shouldn’t have used such words with respect to a child.

Now, Swara has finally decided to break her silence and address the issue. Speaking to IANS, she defended her stand to say it was her way of comically expressing her frustration regarding her early days in the industry.

She said:

I was on a comedy show, narrating a funny incident about my first experience shooting in Mumbai. In that partly exaggerated and satirical narration, where I was using a comedic, adult and self-deprecating tone, I used certain swear words.

She explained that if we actually watch the show, it’ll be evident that she was actually looking out for the child and making sure he gets his bathroom breaks which nobody else on set cared about.

She added:

I have never abused children nor any co-actor and I have always treated children with the care, affection and the responsible conduct they deserve. I actually like children. The quip that children are evil was obviously a joke.

She says that she feels the whole issue blew out of proportion and that it was ‘targeted and constructed’. She says, “I’m not trying to justify swearing — those were undoubtedly an ill-advised choice of words, but they were not seriously used. It was said jokingly and self-deprecatingly. Comics do it all the time without anyone blinking an eyelid.”