Cleansing Oils

I’ll admit that when someone suggested me to cleanse my face with oil, my immediate thought was—hell no! Over the past few years, oil-based skincare products have become increasingly popular. Up until a few years ago, beauty magazines and skincare brands preached that oil did not belong on your skin and it would cause breakouts. However, if you look at the beauty industry now, it seems like everyone can’t get enough of oil-based skincare products. Facial oils, oil-based primers and even shimmering body oils are now heavily available in stores but one product that caught my attention was cleansing oils.

Cleansing oils are an essential step of the double-cleansing method and I did not think very highly of this product till I tried it out. The idea of putting oil on my oily skin sounded kind of counterintuitive, hence, I was sceptical. However, one night I decided to give my cleansing oil a try and I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. I thought that the oil would leave a greasy layer on my skin and would be a pain to clean it off my skin. Hence I was surprised when the oil washed off my makeup effortlessly and left my skin clean, soft and supple. So if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should use a cleansing oil, then here’s everything you need to know:

How Does It Work?

I thought that putting oil on your face would be a sticky mess and a pain to clean up. However, after I was done cleansing my skin with the oil, I splashed water on my face and the oily texture turned milky and I was able to wash it off in a matter of seconds. So in a nutshell, the cleansing oil takes off your makeup and emulsifies when it comes in contact with water.

What Are Its Benefits?

There better be a reason behind all the hype, right? Fortunately, cleansing oils have a long list of benefits that’ll make you want to invest in them right away. Have a look at some of the benefits of cleansing oils:

  • Oil-based cleansers, when compared to makeup removing wipes, are much better for your skin and the environment. Single-use makeup removing wipes are usually not biodegradable and they have a ton of preservatives. Hence, cleansing oils are more sustainable and better for your skin’s health.
  • These cleansers remove all the oil-based impurities from your skin (think of the principle “like attracts like”).
  • They don’t contain harsh ingredients and won’t strip the moisture from your skin.
  • Your skin will feel soft and nourished after oil cleansing.

How Can You Use Them?

Think of using a cleansing oil as you would use a normal face wash. Dispense some onto your hand and massage it onto your face. The oil will remove all your makeup and oil-based impurities, leaving your skin soft, smooth and clean. After massaging the oil on your face for a few minutes, wash it off with water. After the oil cleansing step, use your regular water-based cleanser and your double-cleansing routine is done!

Here are a few of our favourite cleansing oils:

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