Here's Why Millennials Still Love Watching Cartoons

Suruchi Patwary , 14 Nov 2019

Adulting can be tough sometimes and us millennials can definitely relate to this. Remember the time when we hurried back home after school just in time for our favourite cartoons? Quickly washing ourselves up, running to switch on the TV and sing along the theme song to our favourite shows. Those were the days! And I think these memories have been such a crucial part of us that we still go back, just to relive them, every now and then.

Even though we’re adults now, we still find ourselves going back to watching those same cartoons on the internet. And while it could be to take our minds off the everyday stress, there are many more reasons behind it. Some of our best cartoons also taught us a lot about adulting and life which seems more relatable to us now, than ever. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

1. The Powerpuff Girls – Identifying With The Characters

This cartoon taught the young little girls that they are their own heroes. All three girls in the cartoon had their own personalities and a lot of us could relate to them. Blossom was the coherent girl—she was logical, consistent and the leader. She always thought things through, avoiding running into situations that were only ruled by her emotions. Bubbles, as the name suggests, was the bubbly one of the lot. She was an animal lover, was extremely kind and sweet to everyone but also had the strength to fight anything just as good as her sisters. Buttercup was what you’d call a tough tomboy with a hothead. She fought her fights fearlessly, played rough and wasn’t afraid of getting dirty.

So many of us can still relate these personality traits and maybe that’s why a lot of us still enjoy watching Powerpuff Girls even today!

2. South Park – No Bound For Knowledge

A lot of times we fail to understand that cartoons tell us a lot about the world and reality than we think it does. And South Park is one such cartoon that many millennials still enjoy watching because of the boundless knowledge it imparts. The four kids in South Park come across as super adorable, even after saying some of the worst insults and talk about life, death and the judgement and final destiny of the soul. They’re politically incorrect and that’s their success mantra! The cartoon has managed to update itself with what’s happening in the world (and stands out for the same).

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching such a fun cartoon? Adult cartoons are a thing and we should accept this fact, unapologetically.

3. The Simpsons – Bang On Facts

Who doesn’t love conspiracies? One of the biggest reasons why The Simpsons is still watched by a large number of adults is its accuracy of facts. This particular cartoon gives direct, unfiltered messages to its viewers. They have been giving us some major stories in the most humorous way for more than two decades now! And the fact that it means a huge deal of fame for a celebrity to appear in this cartoon just makes it more exciting to watch. Because if a celebrity appears there, then it means that they’re important!

4. Dragon Ball Z – Wise Teachings About Life

Cartoons are where anything is possible and which is why everything becomes more fun. And sometimes, there are also cartoons that leave back wise teachings to their audience. This Japanese anime taught moral values to children that will be helpful even in their adult years. And there’s a good chance you, or someone you know, is a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball Z! At present, it has millions of fans and followers from all over the world that appreciate all the teachings received.

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